Wood burning clay ovens for bread & pizza

Pre-cast shapes

Wood fired bread & pizza oven

Many people would agree that cooking in a wood-fired oven evokes the romance of tradition. They might be surprised to learn that it can also be remarkably efficient. A wood-fired pizza oven can reach higher temperatures than a conventional domestic oven and has a more even temperature distribution, making it easy to cook a delicious pizza in just two or three minutes.
If pizza is not on your menu, you can also cook all manner of bread, meat, fish, casseroles, cakes and puddings in clay ovens by taking advantage of the different stages of the heat cycle. 
pizza in wood fired oven

When you are ready to explore the possibilities, we have a range of options to get you started. Our selection of ready-made ovens include models designed exclusively for outdoor use and others which can be installed indoors. These indoor / outdoor ovens are supplied in a number of sections, according to size, and require assembly on site. We also provide advice and suitable products for supporting your pizza oven and for additional insulation to optimize performance.

If you want to build your own pizza oven from scratch, we have all the materials you will need including firebricks, heatproof mortar, cement, insulation boards, fibre blanket, and pre cast arch sections to create a door opening. We also have thermometers, cast iron doors and flues to complete your design and accessories such as pizza peels, oven gloves and grill pans to help you get the most out of your cooking experience.

Pizza Oven Selection by Vitcas

  • Pompeii
  • Casa
  • Double Casa


brick / clay oven construction

VITCAS CASA Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Casa Outdoor Oven is easy to assemble within a matter of minutes. It is great to get up and running quickly, and ideal for when you have limited outdoor space.

VITCAS Double CASA Outdoor Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Double Casa is a high quality, outdoor pizza and bread oven with the capacity to hold 3-4 pizzas at a time, which makes it ideal for when you have more outdoor space.

VITCAS Pompeii - Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Pompeii wood burning oven is made from high quality eco-accumulation material resistant to high temperatures. It is the original in the Pompeii series.

VITCAS Pompeii-100 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Pompeii 100 wood fired oven is manufactured from eco-accumulation refractories. Ideal for domestic applications. Capacity of 4-5 pizzas at a time.

VITCAS Pompeii-120 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Pompeii 120 wood burning oven has a larger capacity suitable for commercial applications. Environmentally friendly. Simple to construct yourself.

VITCAS Pompeii-140 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Vitcas® Pompeii 140 wood fired oven has a large capacity perfect for commercial purposes. Manufactured from top quality refractories. Easy to construct.

Brick Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven VITCAS-S

Wood burning firebrick outdoor oven VITCAS-S is pre-built and ready-insulated. It is made out of fireclay which is a great solution for outdoor cooking in the garden.

Brick Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven VITCAS-L

VITCAS-L wood fired clay fire brick outdoor oven is ready-built and pre-insulated. It is the perfect fit for your outdoor cooking in the garden.