Fireproof Vermiculite Boards

Vermiculite board is made of a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate mineral, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Vermiculite board can be worked easily with wood working tools. It can be sawn, drilled and sanded.

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Exfoliated vermiculite is light, clean, safe, non-combustible, has low thermal conductivity, undergoes minimal shrinkage at high temperatures and can hold moisture. These properties have enabled it to be used in a variety of ways, principally as insulation and a heat resistant barrier but also in horticulture to hold nutrient laden moisture, as acoustic panels to deaden sound and as packaging for fragile items or hazardous substances.


Vermiculite Insulating Cement

Lightweight cement made with exfoliated vermiculite ultra-lightweight aggregate. This material is about 20% of the weight of normal cement mixes and 25 mm of this material is equivalent to 500 mm of normal cement in insulation value..

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Vermiculite Gas EmberPack

Replacement Vermiculite Gas Ember Pack. Spread directly over the burner tray for improved energy efficiency. Resistant to 1100oC.