Chemical and Acid Resistant Cements

Vitcas® Acidcas is a two-part silicate type cement which resists all acids, hot and cold, with the exception of hydrofluoric. It also withstands temperatures up to 1400ºC /2550°F. Acid Resistance BS 784 minimum 96%.

Whereas Acidcas Cement can only be use as a jointing material the Acidcas Patch and Concrete can be used as monolithic materials i.e. as an alternative to bricks and tiles.

Examples of Applications:

Recommended for the bedding and jointing of vitrified bricks and tiles in floors; benches; pipes and channels; acid plants; tanks; vats; towers; and retorts; chimney linings; bonded brickwork; in acid laden soil. It should not be used in any application where there is a prolonged exposure to alkalis.

Acidcas Cement: This cement has excellent adhesion characteristics and high tensile join strength.

Acidcas Concrete: Acidcas concrete is a graded aggregate/cement mix which is ideal for laying floor areas which are subjected to acid attack but where toughness and resistance to heavy trafficking are not a major factor.

Acidcas Patch: Acidcas patch can be used rendered over a vertical surface but it is important to obtain a good ’key’ existing brick work by raking out joints, roughening as much possible and for large areas using some measure of support such as anchors or meshing.