High temperature tape

Vitcas provides various types of high temperature tapes. Each one has it’s own specific feature which determines usage. Offer contains basic black or white tapes with or without adhesive backing. Third type is designed to be used on the edge of glass doors or fixing with screws. It has missing yarns in the wrap thread that makes it special.

Fibreglass Self Adhesive Tape

Tapes with self adhesive backing are available in white and black colour. The self adhesive backing is resistant to 80oC and is an aid to positioning the tape during application. For adhering at higher temperatures Vitcas Rope Adhesive should be used.

Glass Fibre Tape

Tapes are available in white and black colour.

Ladder Tape

Ladder tape has some missing yarns in the warp threads to allow for insertion of fixing screws or to go over the edge of heat resistant glass in stove doors.

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