Heat resistant plaster & render system

With an increasing trend towards ‘hole in the wall’ or cassette stoves where the temperatures on the surrounding walls are generally too high for gypsum based materials, Vitcas developed a system to overcome this limitation. Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster can be used on top of Vitcas Fireplace Render where there is existing masonry or Heat Resistant Plaster can be used as a skim coat on both Heat Resistant Plasterboards and Construction boards.


High Temperature Plasterboard

Vitcas® High Temperature Plasterboard is a non-combustible decorative fireproof board which does not contain any gypsum.

Adhesive Sealer - Vitcas PVA

Adhesive sealer used on surfaces, tiles and fire boards prior to the application of  Vitcas® Heat Resistant Tile Adhesive, Heat Resistant Plaster, Fireplace Render etc.

Fireplace Render

Vitcas® Fireplace Render is a prepared dry mix which provides a protective rendering for vulnerable materials which can be damaged by exposure to heat...

Heat Resistant Plaster

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Plaster fireproof smooth finishing coat resistant to 650oC for use on Fireplace Render and Vitcas HT Boards.

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