Thermal ropes, tapes & adhesive

The range of thermal rope and tape seals for sealing around stove doors, sealing the first joint on a stove flue pipe and sealing around heat resistant glass. The stiffness of the seal varies with the manufacturing pattern and is selected according to the application. The seals are available in white and black color along with adhesives to match.


Our offer contains:  

  • black and white stove fire rope,
  • replacement kits with all required components,
  • self adhesive glass tape,
  • ladder tape,
  • lagging rope,
  • tapes and ropes on spool,
  • rope adhesive,
  • ceramic fibre strip.

Heat Resistant Rope Adhesive White & Black

Vitcas® Rope Seal Adhesive is a high temperature adhesive that withstands very high temperatures and is used to secure thermal rope/tape and ceramic fibre seal to oven, stove and boiler doors. It is ideal for fixing fibre rope seals to heater doors; specifically: stoves/wood burners, boilers and range cookers. Resistant to 1000oC.

Thermal Lagging Rope

Vitcas® Thermal Lagging Rope is for gap filling applications such as between fire surrounds and the chimney breast or between fire backs and fire surrounds. It is also an ideal way to insulate pipe work, for temperatures up to 550oC.

Ceramic Fibre Sealing Strip

Provides an airtight seal between the panels of the stoves

Fire Rope

Vitcas® Fire Rope is manufactured from textured glass fibre yarn which is knitted and used for sealing and jointing purposes where a temperature resistance is required. It is commonly used when jointing flue systems to the appliance and also as a seal around the inside of stove doors. Rated to 550oC. To be used with Vitcas® Rope Adhesive.

Thermal Tape

Vitcas® Thermal Tape is manufactured from textured glassfibre yarn and is used for sealing glass window panels into stove doors. Rated to 550oC. Available in self adhesive and plain types. Plain tapes to be used with Vitcas® Stove Rope Adhesive.

Stove Thermal Tape – White

Stove window gaskets fibreglass tape. Designed to replace the seal around the windows in the frame of a woodstove, coal stove or fireplace insert stove door. Remove the glass from the door, clean it, encase the edges with the tape and screw back into the frame. Withstands temperatures to 550oC.

Ladder Tape

Ladder Tape – White – 2 metres. Used as a replacement for ceramic fibre seal.

Self Adhesive Stove Glass Tape– 2 Metres – White & Black

Used as a gasket to seal stove glass windows in stove doors and openings. Resistant to 550oC.

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