Fire bricks

Firebricks are manufactured in ways similar to ordinary masonry bricks but they are fired at higher temperatures until partial vitrification has occurred. They are more dense, which makes them more resistant to abrasion, they have have a lower thermal conductivity, absorbing heat but not transferring it to surrounding materials and a high thermal mass, enabling them to retain heat which radiates back after the heat source as been extinguished, in an oven or masonry stove, for example.

Different names - same product

Firebricks are known by various names including fire-clay, chamotte, refractory and fireplace bricks. They are made from clays which contain a high level of silica and alumina with traces of iron and manganese. Firebricks are graded according to the alumina content, which can range from 18% up to 90%. As the percentage of alumina increases, so the bricks have a higher density and can withstand higher temperatures. The correct grade of firebrick is determined by the temperatures required for each particular application. 


White Fire Bricks

White firebricks available in different sizes and types.

Vitcas® Fire Bricks Replacement Pack

Vitcas® Fireproof bricks are specially made of high temperature dense clay. Fireproof bricks are used in many places at home, for example in fireplaces & stoves inside and barbecues, grills, firepits and pizza ovens in the garden.  Rated to 1300oC.

Coloured firebricks

Decorative fire bricks with smooth surfaces for use in indoor & outdoor wood fired bread/ pizza ovens, barbeques & fireplaces etc...

Vitcas® Fire Bricks

Vitcas® Fireproof bricks are specially made of high temperature dense fire clay. Fireproof bricks are used in domestic applications like fireplaces, circulators, stoves...

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