High temperature cloth

A range of industrial, heat resistant and insulating woven textile fabrics in ceramic fibre (1260oC), silica fibre (1000oC) and glass fibre (600oC) with various coating options including vermiculite, graphite, acrylic and aluminium foil.

Glass Fibre Aluminium Coated Cloth

The fibreglass cloth is coated with aluminium foil in order to reduce fraying and its fabric helps to effectively reduce loss of heat by radiation.

Glass Fibre Cloth

Non-combustible fabric. Provides high strength and is resistant up to 550oC. Loom State is more flexible for curtains, drapes, etc. Weave Lock is more rigid for use in making covers, jackets and other machined items.

Glass Fibre Fabric Acrylic Coating

Glass fibre cloth is coated with acrylic material which makes it a more rigid cloth for abrasion resistance. High temperature resistance reaches up to 550oC.

Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Cloth

Glass fibre cloth is coated with vermiculite which increases the temperature resistance up to 1,000oC due to its high insulating properties.

Graphite Coated Glass Fibre Cloth

Glass fibre cloth coated with graphite is resistant to 1000oC. Suitable for applications such as sewing heat protection quilts. Has good abrasion resistance.

Silica Fibre Cloth

The silica fabric yarn of the cloth is highly flexible. It has a high heat resistance up to 1100°C continuous working temperature and 1650°C short-term working temperature. It is also useful in filtering molten metals.

Ceramic Fibre Cloth

Ceramic fibre cloth is made from a bio-soluble fabric and is reinforced with stainless steel wire. It is heat resistant, able to withstand high temperatures reaching up to 1100oC.

Glass Fibre Mesh Fabric

Glass fibre mesh cloth coated with acrylic provides excellent water and alkali resistance, flexibility and resistance to ageing. Available as a roll of material or as a tape, to be used with HB60 or Heat Resistant Plaster.

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