White Pipe Jointing Compound

Vitcas®White Pipe Jointing Compound is a non-hardening material for sealing pipe threads in plumbing. Designed for use with hot and cold water, natural gas, LPG and low pressure steam up to 7 bar pressure and temperatures up to 200°C. Conforms to BS EN 751-2 :1997 to BS6956 Part 5: 1992-will-not cause corrosion of aluminium, brass, copper, low carbon steel and zinc surfaces.

PTFE Liquid – Anaerobic Pipe Jointing Sealant-Vitcas

PTFE Liquid – Anaerobic Pipe Jointing Sealant

Anaerobic pipe jointing sealant for most thread types. Suitable for hot and cold water, gas and compressed air systems. Cures quickly for a maximum gap of 0.3mm.