Vitcas rapidcas rapid setting cement


RAPIDCAS CEMENT is a specially formulated rapid setting cement based compound which when mixed with water sets in about 30 minutes.


• Rapid setting (30 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and conditions).

• Easy mixing, just add water.

• Fills up to 25mm in one application.

Examples of Applications:

• Internal and external use for repairs to cracks in walls and floors.

• Repairing flags, slabs, stones and bricks.

• Patching steps and window sills.

• Pointing brick and stone.

• Jointing earthenware pipes and drains.

• Repairs to ponds and pools.

• Setting in W/C’s and sinks.

• Leak sealing in concrete based surfaces.

• Setting railings and posts.


• This product should not be used for load bearing applications.

• Do not use where acid resistance is required. Use ACIDCAS cement, patch or concrete.

• After using on fishponds, seal the surface with a waterproof sealer before restocking the fish.


Before applying, ensure surfaces are clean, sound and free from dust, crumbly material or any contaminants, which may affect adhesion.