Heatproof Mortar

Vitcas Heatproof Mortar is a ready mixed, air setting, refractory cement-like material. It is supplied in a wet consistency perfect for laying fire bricks and attaching brick slips to the wall where a temperature resistance to resistant to 1400oC / 2552oF is required.

Heatproof Mortar is intended for use on thin beds of approx 3mm in size, with fire bricks laying around open fires, firebacks and used for setting other fire clay based products. It can also be used for setting fire bricks in e.g. room heaters, setting insulating materials, building out fireplaces, lining fireplace recesses with firebricks or brick slips and lining boilers. Put simply, the heat resistant mortar can be used in all high temperature environments which require the application of mortar.

The mortar adheres well to bare metal and sets at room temperature. It is solely for indoor use. It cannot be used outdoors unless protected from water via a roofed section or an extra render coating with a different material. Also not suited for gap filling or rendering applications.




  • Setting firebricks e.g. in room heaters
  • Setting insulation material
  • Building out fireplaces
  • Lining boilers
  • Laying bricks around firebacks
  • Lining bricks or brick slips around open fireplaces